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[RC] Diagonals - Equus Wolf

I'm coming out of lurk mode (and I apologize for the delay) because this whole diagonal business has my brain going into fried mode.  Some of the posts make absolute sense to me.. while others are really making me think too hard!
I was taught this way - and have yet to be told this way is wrong(in the past 21yrs and with many instructors) - correct me if I am please!
I was taught to rise and sit with the action of the *outside* front leg (in an arena, against the rail or if circling in a huge field, the outside of the circle). SO, if I am circling to the right (clockwise), I would be posting to the left front leg (rising when it is forward, and sitting as it goes back or down.)  I was taught that this was the left diagonal.  Of course, this means that you are posting to the inside hind, and in this case, the right hind, but it is called the Left diagonal.
Anymore heads spinning yet?
Quick question:  The person who taught evening for years in SC, where are you located?  Just curious!

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