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[RC] Hard decisions..... - Spottedracer

Well, Katie won't be competing at LBL - since she's just shy of her 8th birthday... So I went looking through the ride Calendar for June/July rides that are close... Called several RM - most of which were very prompt in returning my calls.. Unfortunantly, most rides were out of my 'driving range" (at a projected cost of $100 per tank, each tank getting me only 300+ miles... Fuel costs is a major factor which I have to add to every ride.. One-day rides are definently OUT for me...)  sigh... sucks being on a 'fixed income' right now...

OK, found the Derby Dash in KY... RM was WONDERFUL about my inquiry about an impromptu birthday party for Katie's first LD (a little after her birthday.. She won't mind)...Trail's seem very easy - considering the extreme 'farm trails in the bluffs' that we're training on...

I also noticed that BSF is going to have a 1-day 100 this year...T-E-M-P-T-I-N-G!!!! Since I know this trail well, it's a WHOLE lot closer than Biltmore... Though I was prepping for a 1-day try in -08... So I'm unsure if myself and my main mount will be ready.... So here's some ideas...

To offset costs of an extra 'unbudgeted' ride - intead of doing a 50 + and LD at LBL - I'll just do the 50.. Then the second day, after setting out stuff for my friend at VC - Katie and I will do a 25mile trail ride. If my 50 miler did good the day before - I'll ride her and use my newer mount for pack. (start getting my main mount prepped for 100)
At derby dash, We can do Katie's LD on the 22nd, I'll do the 50 on the 23, And another 25mile trail ride on the 24th (same deal..)

July & August, do my standard once-a-month 'fast LD training rides' with Katie at Edwin Warner... And also do a 50-60+ mile training rides on main mount every 4-6 weeks. (I can't afford to do as many official rides as many of you do - so I set up long training rides just like a real ride, w/breaks and VCs.. Since I've started doing this - my horses are doing much better at real events!)

At BSF - do an LD with Katie, and IF my main mount and I have been handling those longer training rides with good recoveries and attitudes... I'll enter the 100.. If we're not doing so well pushing past 50's - then I'll just do the 50...

But next year..... I'm doing that 100!!!

- LP