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[RC] steel vs aluminum shoes - Kathie Ford

Well, I've used steel in the past, but most of my horses are barefoot. Two I may never place shoes on.

However, I've just had a set of steel shoes put on my mare for the season and I am greatly disappointed so far. They are heavy, she's forging and she's never done that before and the shoe is set so far back in the rears, that she got an abscess right away and I had to pull the shoe and grind it back (at the ends). I'm going to be walking on egg shells w/ her first ride coming up which is a 70. Hopefully we will complete but I have lost a little confidence w/her shoeing this time around.

That being said, her next set are going to be aluminum w/titanium tips in the fronts (a friend does this) and fitted to her foot more properly especially in the rears.

My farrier usually does a very good job, however I can't figure out why he did what he did this time. Partly my fault as I didn't pay as much attention this time as I've used him for years and he's considered one of the best around these parts.

But man, not a good job this time. So, I am going to go the aluminum route. Will let you all know how the titanium tips work if anybody would like feedback. I will be riding her in a multi-day in those so will be a good test.

She is a horse that is extremely light on her feet and does not wear her shoes out. Even the steel ones. So I really don't forsee an issue with the aluminum.

Will be interesting.


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