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[RC] easyboots to tight - Spottedracer

I've known of several people that noticed damage to the hoof wall due to the tightness. One lady even mentioned having an 'indention' along the front of the hoof.

Most of what I've noticed is that the spikes will tear up the hoof wall along the sides - even with those thin rubber protectors over the side spikes... I rectified this situation by having the farrier pound them flat (I tried several times - but it's not very easily done)... I also ONLY use the boots for rides of 25 miles or longer (not for regular training) - and they are only put on at the beginning of the ride, and are immediately taken off at the completion of the ride... I feel that it's similar to leaving tight polo wraps on - if they're left on too long, they'll interfer with the natural blood flow due to the pressure...

BTW , the large tack store in TN has every size epic BUT 1 - in stock... they have no regular easyboots in boxes... just epics. ( granted they'll tell you over the phone that they don't have epics... but I just looked at 'em all last Tues, definently Epics...)  35.99 per epic... They do have pony sized regular easyboots, but not in boxes.

- LP