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[RC] RC:Core Temp - sherman

I think I remember reading that a couple years ago. I'm sure the hot
temps are what makes the difference. I know 3 of my horses cannot
tolerate sponging if it is only warm as opposed to hot, unless we are on
the move. Unfortunately, on most rides that I attend, there is no
sponging water out on the trail, only at the holds. It might help my
guys to sponge on the way out, I don't know. In any case, I sure
woulnd't use ice on my horses' rumps, unless I was directed by a vet to
do it for some specific treatment. 

After a ride, on a hot day with no wind, I will hose off my horses
completely after they have cooled down, and I do include their rumps
then. I have misjudged the temp a couple of times and had to then put a
fleece cover on Storm to keep him from being miserable. Maybe he's just
a sissy (:>)

Truman wrote:

If I remember correctly what was concluded by the UGA study in '96 for 
the USOC is cold water poured over the entire body of the horse had no 
ill effects. If you watched the eventing in Atlanta it was a common 
practice. I've also seen it at Lexington in the hot summers they can

I have no problem throwing water on the Jbird if it is hot and he is 
hot. He pretty much knows that what he doesn't drink he wears. In do try

to throw in on the hindquarters since there are not a lot of close 
surface vessels in the hind quarters - but I'm not careful to keep it 
off either.

I know myself after being out in the FL sun working in 98 degrees and 
high humidity, a good jump in the pool feels pretty dog gone good.



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