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[RC] conformation/trot/canter - Kathie Ford

This is nice refreshing thread.

With several of my horses they are all different. My endurance mare has three nice gates. Easy to ride. Good walk, nice trot, really nice canter/gallop. She however prefers to canter. Had to teach her how to trot. Several trots actually; ie, working, jog, extended (which I don't really use much). Couple of canters too, collected, little stretch, out gallop.

What gets me is my big mare. Used to do dressage and did 1 LD. Long neck! TB Never realized how long,till I rode the above mare! "where's your head!!???" TB type. Nice daisy type trotter, floaty and ground covering. She has nice walk and canter to. Her issues to work on were rhythm and speed. She'd speed up, then slow down. Had to work on that consistancy.

Two big arabs at home have nice trots. One had nicer canter (the mare), other LOOKS nice (like for dressage type) but not so comfy to ride/the gelding. Interesting. The gelding/egyptian breeding. Other is bey shah/egyptian. Have nice good walk, very nice rhythmic trot and rocking chair canter. Just need to work more on her mind and needs a more serious work/job. He needs work on being lighter on the forehand. Like a mac truck! But looks easy. Looks can be deceiving!

Small arabs we have are famliy related (shared this before). Mother, daughter, granddaughter. Mother (21) has slow walk(rates herself), okay trot as far as riding it but really has a BIG trot for little horse. Out paced TB's at Pony Club eventing training camp. Surprised everybody. Canter needed work but got better. Excellent jumper. Little 13'3-but don't tell her that! Her daughter has (12), like her mom has slow walk but getting better. Nice comfy trot, uses rear but not big and nice comfy canter. Both are wonderful downhill and surefooted horses. Granddaughter (7) is built completely different from above two. More stocky compact build, little broader chest, deep girth. Has all nice gaits. Like riding a marshmellow. You just want to sink into her gaits. Will be so nice when I can get her out more. Will be able to ride her all day and not tire. She's a fatty though. Way to easy keeper. Great minds on all three.

Other two are QH, older and retired. Mare, gelding. Mare is still ridable. Has what I call "flat" gaits. Comfy but no animation. Noticed both QH have what I also call the "QH shuffle!". Short steps compared to my arabs. They are both "bulldog" type QH. BIG square butts. I don't prefer that but we love them anyway!

Also interesting to note is when I put two of my arab mares out to play both very different bloodlines you could really see the difference in their carriage. Show type is head up, straight back tail up, animated, other was more streamlined, lower head carriage, nice slight neck arch, BIG extended trot and "go down the trial" sort of carriage/attitude and "heart". Really was neat to see the differences so clearly!!!



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