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I think that understanding training and conditioning principles or theory and understanding the basics of compeition strategy does not have to come from "endurance" riding/racing. We don't need endurance champions or endurance horse trainers to give direction.   Some of the best information I have learned has come from other endurance sports like cycling and running.  Adapting them to the horse is trial and error to a certain extent BUT some of the basics certainly cross over from human endurance competition to our sport. 
I think last months article in EN on the importance of rest in the conditioning/competition cycle was great.  It is a universal principle that is used in  most competitive sports. All endurance riders regardless of their level and their ultimate goal can adapt rest cycles into their program if they understand "why".   Negative splits, peaking and tapering for competiton, farlek, interval training, LSD training, etc. are universal and cross over from the human sport to the horse sport.  The information is out there....and there is lots of it.  All you have to do is some reading and get some general understanding and all of this can be applied to our sport by the individual and tailored for his/her horse and goals..
One of the problems I see is that some riders want a cookie cutter answer and there are none. I just see too many riders out there wanting to know specifics instead of wanting to understand the basics.  We should be educating our riders by understanding the basics and being able to adapt these principles for their individual horses and for their personal goals in the sport. 
Kim Fuess
AERC #6648

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