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Re: [RC] [Fwd: Ride and Tie] - Jody Rogers-Buttram

You are bored.  I know the feeling.
I would like to see endurance in the Olympics....but I didn't think of the possibility of horse abuse.  Seems that I heard that they do run the soup out of them for the money purses.  (I was always against this, but that's another story)
So, Ride and Tie.  That could be interesting.  One of the problems with endurance is that it is not a spectator sport.  Ride and Tie would be hard to make visible as well.  That would be a hurdle to get over, but could be done.  So, why not.
I have done one "play" ride and tie in my entire life.  And I bet you would never guess who, what, when and where.
Me and Joe Long, and Khalil were the team.  It was something like 10 miles, and we won it by the way.   :))
PS.  Would love to do another one with Joni, but my knees are only able to ride now.

Bruce Weary DC <bweary@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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Subject: Ride and Tie
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 09:06:52 -0700
From: Bruce Weary DC <bweary@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  Okay, I'm bored this morning, and anxiously awaiting departure for the  
 convention, so I thought I'd throw out another idea for discussion.   There has been some debate over whether endurance riding should or will   become an Olympic sport. Personally, I think at that level of   competition, with gold medals at stake, the horses would potentially   suffer, possibly on worldwide television. I think there are those who   would pursue a gold medal more voraciously than a money purse, as you   can't buy a gold medal. That's another debate in itself.    However, I wonder what the interest would be on behalf of the public   and the Olympic Committee in seeing Ride and Tie as an Olympic event. I   think it would capture a lot of people's imagination. Maybe remind   people of the "olden days" when we were so dependent on the horse for   transportation and our very survival. I have never done a Ride and Tie,   but it seems that the horse might be less apt to be abused in the way he   parti  cipates. It might even the playing field amongst the competing  
 countries, as the US can field some pretty impressive runners. I think   we could teach world class runners to ride more easily than we could   teach world class riders to run.     Anybody have thoughts on this?     Bruce Weary      

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