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[RC] Snotty nosed horses...Compete or not? - Dbeverly4

In a message dated 2/20/2006 10:28:16 AM Pacific Standard Time, nvrider@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
I had wanted to do the 100 really bad.  A couple of weeks before the
ride one of my horses got a snotty nose, so I had been really
watching Chief close and was worrying that he could be possibly
coming down with something.  On Friday I longed him in the sand arena
and he had more mucous in his nose than usual.  Combine that with the
weather conditions and the fact that he was body clipped and I had to
make the choice best suited for the horse, no matter how badly I had
really wanted to ride in the 100.
I'm sorry but the bigger issue than a little kid riding (IMO) is  taking a horse to a ride who is showing blatant signs of being sick.  I realise that this is not going to be a popular post...but Let's take a moment to think about all those snotty nosed horses drinking from the same trough....Ummm...Karen thought about it and chose which "less" snotty nosed horse would be appropraite to bring.  I hate to bring this up because she is the hero of the moment, but think about it for just a second. also those of you who's horses got sick after the last 20MT will completely understand.
Sylvia (flame suit ON)