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[RC] Back L"Leg" Pain - Please Help - K. P. Ross

My favorite endurance horse is having a problem.  I am looking for an answer
to what could be causing his discomfort and a couple of people after seeing
or hearing what the problem is have suggested locking stifles and/or back
problems (chiropractic work needed).  

His problem is discomfort (pain?) after a ride........ After a moderate
training ride, he is taking his back leg and tucking it up under himself as
if he is pain......sometimes quivering with "pain?"  When his leg is pulled
back to clean his hoof, he seems very uncomfortable.  But when it is pulled
forward to be put on a hoof jack, he seems fine.  During a ride he seems
fine, he is an endurance machine.  It is not until after the ride that he
shows any pain or discomfort.  His x-rays show that he has a slight amount
of arthritis in his hock so the vet says that at this point, any job but
endurance would be appropriate. I have been giving him Glucosamine and it
doesn't seem to make a difference.  The amount of arthritis is so minimal
that I am thinking it could indeed be the locking stifle or need of a back
adjustment as has been suggested.

I am hoping for some input for my next visit to the vet so that I can ask
the appropriate questions and get going in the right direction.  Thanks for
any help.............kim from lakeport  


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