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RE: [RC] Breeds - Pam Bailie

Paint is a breed that is a Quarter Horse, Thourobred, or combination of both that has these patterns.  There is a separate registry for solid Paints – There is now a one Paint parent rule for registry in APHA  so crop-outs will be considered breeding stock paints.  The APHA was founded because neither the Jockey Club or the AQHA recognized horses that had these color patterns.  Pam Bailie


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Paints are tobiano, overo and tovero patterned horses of Quarter Horse breeding.  Pinto’s are the same coat patterns of any other breeding or mixture of breeds. 




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I printed out the brreds info for 2006 that was on the other day and I noticed that PINTO was considered a breed...I always thought PINTO was a color and PAINT was a breed....???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Am I wrong ???????????????????????
Lyn O.Owen

RE: [RC] Breeds, Rae