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RE: [RC] So, what supplements to give a distance horse... - Kristen A Fisher

Susan does advocate a good all around supplement - she uses Platinum
Performance I think. Also, she is keen on vitamin E and selenium
supplementation as well. I supplement E-Se for the antioxidant effect and
the aid in muscle recovery. I thought about supplementing C as well but it's
not suggested if your horse is on pasture and it's hard enough to get mine
to eat their supplements anyway so in that respect less is more. I also
supplement my gelding with a hoof formula because he needs it.


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Susan Garlinghouse have a talk at the AERC convention a few 
years ago in which she said to lay off supplements; that more 
is not better, especially if the basics are high quality.
I've also come to believe that most of us aren't "racing," 
we're "riding."  The only ones who are racing are the FEI 
riders, also consistent top tenners and 100 milers.  I'd also 
add people who haul their horses many miles.  Those folks do 
need to think about supplements.  But the rest of us really 
don't.  At least until we notice a problem.  In other words, 
if it ain't broke, don't fix it!  You used the first kid 
analogy.  Well, with our own kids, would be think, if one 
vitamin pill is good, two would be better.  I think almost 
everyone knows there's an upper limit of safety for vitamins 
and minerals for people.  Well, there is for horses too.  If 
you read the ingredients labels of most supplements, they all 
contain the same stuff.  So by adding one on top of another, 
you may well exceed the safe limit.  I'm no expert, but what 
you're feeding now seems just fine to me.  If it were me, I'd 
stick with that until something convinced me I needed to add 
something.  Then I'd try to add just what's needed, not more 
than necessary of whatever that is, and certainly not more of 
other stuff that isn't needed.

Kristi Schaaf wrote:
Hi all -

Sorry to butt in on the dance discussion, but I've got a 'serious' 
question for you...he he he.

I've sadly been away from distance riding for a few years, 
but happily 
have high hopes of starting up again in 2007. Back when I 
did compete 
(NATRC and LD) I was putting a lot of money's worth of 
supplements in 
my horse (he was like a first child, and you know how those first 
borns are pampered and protected). Well, now that I've got a second 
'child' to feed/supplement also, I've mellowed a bit about 
the whole 
supplement thing....

Then yesterday, the KV catalog was laying on the counter 
while I was 
eating supper, so I started browsing. BIG mistake!!! All those 
feelings of "OH, he needs this and this and this!" came 
flooding back. 
So, help me you guys! I know there's a ton of info in the archives 
about who feeds what supplement and why, but for those of 
you who take 
a completely logical approach to supplementation for a 
distance horse 
(you may or may not know if you qualify as logical, so give 
it a shot 
and let us be the judge), share what you supplement every 
day, during 
rides, and after rides.
It seems in the past someone was chatting about after-ride 
supplementation for faster healing, and I'd really be interested in 

My horses currently get grass hay, free choice red and 
white salt, a 
basic Dynamite supplement given daily in their small handful of 
oats/beetpulp/BOSS, probiotics when needed, electrolytes 
hot/humid/long rides, and that's it.



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Re: [RC] So, what supplements to give a distance horse..., Laney Humphrey