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RE: [RC] Mountain lions - Bob Morris

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If the cat frequents the area you ride in, find some one with hounds to run it a bit and it might leave the area for more peaceful surroundings.
My grandson who has hounds treed 29 cats last year and never went more than 30 miles from home.
By the way they are good eating. Cat, the other white meat.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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Pepper spray (the kind that is used on bears) will certainly work if you hit the cat in the face, and the wind does not bring it back to the horse. 
The usual advice is to be big and act agressive to scare the cat off.   It usually works, but there was an 13 year old deer  hunter in Missoula areal that had to shoot one last November.
Cats are ambush hunters, as such if they are after big game usually lie quietly on a ledge or rock or whatever to jump on the prey.  Your best defence is to watch such areas and see the cat first and leave.
By the way, while a cat is fast for a short distance, a horse can easily outrun a cat that does not catch in say 100 yds. 
In general adult horses are bigger prey than cats go for.  In one wild horse range, the cats have learned to prey on horses, and attack the foals.  This band is one that does not need to be thinned by the BLM.
If I were to rate the danger I would give Polar Bears a 10, Griz an 8, Big cats a 5, and Black Bears a 3.  One could argue with the exact numbers, but I think the ranking is proper.
ps.  I'm glad that my area does not have Polar Bears (they have been known to actively stalk people), unofficial Griz are problem enough.
PPS. I prefer a large caliber semi automatic, but that is personal preference.  Those not comfortable with firearms, have no business with them.
Ed & Wendy Hauser
2994 Mittower Road
Victor, MT 59875
(406) 642-9640

Re: [RC] Mountain lions, Sisu West Ranch