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Re: [RC] Winning - Truman Prevatt

Sherman wrote:

That just about says it all. It also reveals why some riders begin with the tough 100s....not because of the status, but because they are such a challenge. (:>) Kathy
Bruce wrote:
In all my years of endurance riding, as I compare the challenges thrown at me by the trail versus other riders, the trail wins, hands down. The trail has lain in wait for me, with heat, humidity, rocks that aim to lame my horse, darkness, holes to step in, and very few places to pee in privacy. The trail has thrown mountains, valleys and rivers in my path. It has offered up exhaustion, dehydration, nausea, hallucinations, a dislocated shoulder, broken ribs (okay, it was a training ride), and various rashes I'd rather not talk about. Meanwhile, my opponents, the other riders on the trail, have merely passed me with a fresher horse, let me taste their dust, and offered help whenever I had a problem on the trail. I have always tried to do the same for them.
Dabney wrote:
Neither. They enter these rides for Status. I've noticed over the years mentions in RC posts like: "My horse is not ready (or whatever) for a 100, but one day I'd like to do Tevis."

100 milers (like Angie) have responded, "why not take your horse for his first 100 on an easier ride, and then try Tevis?"

I'm betting that for many riders, that advice fell on deaf ears. I guess the mentality is "I may only be able to do it once, so why waste time on one that won't even give me the "Big Buckle?"

The numbers show that those that take that approach:

a) have a small chance of "getting the Big Buckle,"
b) don't try any more after that.

I have to agree with Angie on this. There are an awful lot of things that one has to do to prepare for a 100. A shake now ride before the big one is a good way to maximize your probability of "getting the Big Buckle."

I think the concept of an easy 100 is absolutely wrong. There is no such thing as an easy 100, there are easier 100 but there is no easy 100.



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