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RE: [RC] FEI/WEG - Rusty Toth

Of course there is no perfect solution......

Better than a 5 day (which completely destroys the 100) would be a triple
crown of 100 mile rides. Can anyone horse complete three FEI championships -
in the top ten? In the top five? Over all winner?

Now that would be the ultimate championship - a 100 mile triple crown.

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From: David LeBlanc [mailto:dleblanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2006 11:56 AM
To: 'Rusty Toth'; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Rusty said:

Maybe if FEI would revoke a COC with any pull at any FEI event.

So then you'd have an incentive not to pull if the horse isn't well.

Maybe a rider who's horse need metabolic treatment at any FEI
event should be suspended from FEI level rides for say a
year. Make it most imperative that the riders FINISH the ride.

I'd tend to agree with this - there needs to be some penalty, but there
again, you have an incentive to avoid treatment, and if the horse does need
treatment, that's a problem.

While I find it fascinating that a 7 hour 100 can happen it
is not in the spirit of American endurance. It does not make
a life long 100-mile horse, completing 100 after 100 year
after year. Maybe FEI should come up with a program designed
for return equines.

I think that approach is better, but you could do it over a shorter time
period. What if the championship were essentially a multi-day with breaks?
Think Tour de France of endurance. Who wins one day really doesn't matter,
and the overall winner may not have won any single race. If you didn't ride
day 1 smart, you're not going to get to day 3. Or you take the approach we
do for a season (car racing does the same thing) - there is not one
championship ride - there's a series, and the winner has the most points out
of the series - same horse, same rider. You'd then have a strong incentive
not to blow up your horse.

Alternately, they could have a multiday championship format - 5 50's on
consecutive days. IMHO, that's a better test than a single day 100. This
could be done in addition to what's done now. <g> Convince them that 1-day
100's are for wimps, the real toughies are the ones doing 250 miles in 5
days <g>.

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RE: [RC] FEI/WEG, David LeBlanc