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Re: [RC] WEG 2006 - Truman Prevatt

k s swigart wrote:
From: "Truman Prevatt" <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

It's a race. The WEC is a race. To win at this level - the rider has
ride on the edge. If he doesn't he won't win because that is what the
competition is doing. There are some might good drivers and mechanics
NASCAR, Grand Prix racing, etc., but you still see a lot of blown
engines simply because they are operating on the hairy edge.

What this means is that NASCAR drivers are willing to sacrifice their engine to win the race as winning the race is more important than an engine that can easily be replaced. And they are right, engines CAN easily be replaced.

That was the point of the analogy. To carry it further - in NASCAR, Formula One, etc., racing it is about
the driver and the team. It is not about the car. The sad thing is the FEI is and USEF are quickly moving in the direction that it is about the rider - not the horse. With such moves as the horses will be leased by the USEF - so they can dictate who rides them in the event - we
are not far off from removing the horse/rider team from FEI championship rides. I suspect the next step is selection of riders
and horses independently - which in my mind is the wrong direction and is fundamentally opposed to the values of the AERC which
is about the horse/rider team.
However, it is absolutely WRONG for FEI endurance riders to ride with
this same mindset; although I agree that there is every indication that
currently many do..and the format of the event actively encourages it.
If FEI endurance has a poor public image, it is because it has been

That is normally how a bad image happens - it is self inflicted.



"Life is about obstacles. Endeavors in life are not to be overlooked. Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens. Not by what life brings us, but the attitude we bring to life." Wade Boggs, on his induction to the baseball hall of fame.


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[RC] WEG 2006, k s swigart
Re: [RC] WEG 2006, Truman Prevatt
Re: [RC] WEG 2006, k s swigart