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Re: [RC] Contest - rides - Bares - TypeF \(Jackie Floyd\)

Finally getting a chance to catch up on RC. Been rather busy in the marketing department lately.
Hey Paddi, I LOVE the contests you've been doing!!! Kinda fun looking around for those cute little characters!!!
On the Bares ... Although I haven't been riding much this last year because Tank is still not up and running (and I just can't seem to get into it without him), my horses have been barefoot for the last year and all training rides have been with a combination of Epics and Bares, depending on who it is and what sizes I have and how many horses are going out. If two of my horses are going out together, I have to get a little creative and use combinations of Epics and Bares because I don't have enough of each in the sizes I need. Tank usually gets the Epics on the front and Bares on the back since he's the only one that can wear 1's and I don't have any Bare 1's. The rest of the crew wears 0 and 00 and I have enough of those to go around.
However, James usually gets the Epic 0's in the front and Bares in the back because the 0 Bares are more difficult to get on his front feet than the Epics. On the other hand, the 0 Bares are no problem on Sorce's front feet. All horses are different! LOL The three adjustment holes on the bares really allow you to make small changes in size by only moving one side.
On getting the Bares on ... yeah, the first time is a really B*****. But training them in a tank of water like Karen Chaton shows, makes all the different, on any of the boots with gaiters. Plus April Battles showed me a little trick about dribbling water over the heel bulbs to pull the gaiters up the rest of the way that makes it a heck of a lot easier. Once you've used the Bares a time or two, they get easier to get on. But mine fit pretty snugly and I always use a rubber mallet to get them on and a screwdriver to pry them off with. I'm sold on them. I've got six horse that mostly sit around being pasture ornaments right now. No way could I afford to put shoes on even half of them. With the amount I'm riding, this bunch of boots will last forever!!!
Anything and everything you'd want to know about "how-to" with any of the EasyCare boots is in great detail at Karen's blog ... http://easycareinc.typepad.com/karen/ I highly recommend it. Plus there's plenty of other great stuff there. And if you still have a problem, email Karen and I know she'll have an answer. With as many miles as she's put on those boots, there isn't anything she doesn't know about 'em!
Paddi is absolutely right about the amount of new AERC rides! I was just getting ready to announce that  I'm furiously working on a supplement  for my book that I'm hoping to have ready for convention. It would be ride descriptions only ...   And it includes all the new rides. Last I counted, there were over 53! If you're a new ride manager and I haven't sent you a questionnaire yet about your ride, please email me! Let's get that ride described!!! You can still get the reference sections by ordering the First Edition at 50% off at $12.99 which entitles you to a discount on the supplement.
Drumroll ... New products for "Angiefans" ... insulated stainless steel travel mugs with the "Arab Ghost Stories" or "Lunch for a Boulder" cartoon and notecard six-packs. If there are other products you'd like to see us produce ... coffee mugs, t-shirts, whatever, please let us know!
:) Jackie
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I am amazed at how many rides are out there.
Jackie could write another book just with the one that are not in the first book.
Keep your entries coming in. Don't forget to name your favorite ride when you email the entry.
The reindeer are everywhere and they ALL count.Sneaky little devils
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