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RE: [RC] question on electric portable corrals and blanketed horses? - heidi

I've never been a fan of using electric fence as a primary containment at rides, and this is just one of the many, many reasons why.  I've had to hunt for (and stitch up) far too many loose horses that either broke out of their electric pens under duress or were "liberated" from them by a loose horse running amok in camp and taking the pens out.  Had a loose horse "liberate" about 10 horses in one ride camp alone during a windstorm in the dark of night by running through their electric pens--some of the horses were severely injured by things they encountered outside (barbed wire fences primarily) and a couple of them stayed lost throughout the entire duration of the ride and were only located on Sunday morning.  That was the worst one, but have seen countless problems with electric pens--absolutely would not leave a horse loose in one if I were not right there with him, no matter how well trained he himself might be to it.
FWIW, some of these new panel systems are so flimsy that one is beginning to see the same problems.  My advice would be to either tie your horse (hi-tie of some sort or tie to the trailer, with equipment that will not break) or to get pens of sufficient strength that they will hold up to horses running into them.  We actually use 12' livestock panels--they are heavy and a bugger to put up and take down, but they are worth every ounce of the effort for the safety of my horses (not only from getting out but from having other horses get in) and for my peace of mind.  I've only seen a few brands of panels on the market that come close.

i was recently filling out a registration form for a ride held in
november and i noticed that it warns that b/c horses are likely to be
blanketed at that time, portable electric corrals may not keep them
in.  is that really a problem? i don't think i could order any other
kind of a portable corral and have it shipped in time for the ride.
and besides, i don't like making these types of purchases under
pressure, especially considering the amount of $ involved.
what has your experience been in using the electric corrals with
blanketed horses?
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