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RE: [RC] Good Advice/Liberal Arts - heidi

I'd point out that one can get a "liberal arts background" without necessarily having it show on one's college transcript. 
My own college transcript shows me testing out or challenging out of almost all of the humanities and social sciences, and then boring on ahead with heavy science classes and going on to veterinary school.  But I was able to test out or challenge out of those classes because I was raised by very educated parents who discussed everything from world history to Chaucer at the dinner table my entire life.  I told the interview committee for vet school (which had asked me if they thought I had cheated myself out of a well-rounded education by doing what I did) that when one has dissected the strategy and the political implications of every battle of the Civil War at the dinner table ever since one was old enough to talk, there is little point in taking "History of the Civil War" from the University of Idaho.  Likewise, everyone in my family is a published author (various subjects, ranging from pure history to theology to horses to range science to radio engineering to historical biography to historical fiction) and family members have served as editorial advisors for each other. 
While in veterinary school (since I was actually carrying a lighter class load there than I did as an undergraduate) I enrolled in adult ed classes ranging in subject matter from belly dancing to auto mechanics.  During college I also worked in candidates' political campaigns, sang in community choirs, and did various other things that resulted in a great deal of education without earning any college credits. 
One of the neat things about endurance riders is that for the most part, they understand that people CAN gain knowledge, education, and perspective without necessarily having transcripts to prove "butt time" in a classroom.  And that's one of the things I love about the people in this sport.

I wonder how many Ride Camp / Endurance Riders have a Liberal Arts background.  It would make sense that there are more than we would think there would be.  It takes a well rounded human being to do what needs to be done for the care and well being of our horses to preserve and protect them.  Further more how else would all of you have the guts to want to ride 100 miles a day?  LOL! 
D'Arcy Lynne
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