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Re: [RC] guilty husband, LOL - Shannon Chastain

Chris I found a great Trailer but I have the link at work I will sent it toyou 
from work
Monday if it has nto sold yet it was 8,900 in great shape it was a 3 horse 
slant with
completed LQ (Shower-air all the extras) It is a 1986 and located south of KC.

On Fri, 6 Oct 2006 17:03:29 -0700 (PDT), Chris Paus wrote
I think my husband is feeling guilty about scheduling an elective surgery for 
a non lifethreatening issue when I wanted to go to Winnie Clutter's ride. 
Although it is a bit iffy if I'd be well enough to go anyway as I'm still 
recovering from that blow to the head, I was not a happy camper to lose the 
option to go. I made a case about how many rides I've given up over the years 
to baby sit him.

  Later that evening, he asked me how much a replacement horse trailer would 
cost. He's getting some money from his mother's estate. What's left over 
he buys a motorcycle, will go to a newer trailer for me.

  that said, if anyone hears of a trailer or has one, let me know! I think 
I'll have around $12,000 to spend, maybe a little more. so I know I won't be 
able to get a very new one, or one with lots of "stuff.' But I should be able 
to upgrade from what i've got.

  here's what I need.

  2 or 3 H .. .slant preferred, but will consider a 2H straight load. Nothing 
bigger than a 3H. I don't want to haul and park that much trailer!  GN  Good 
tires, good floor  Tack area that's not in the dressing room  Room in the 
LQ/dressing area for my grandson and I to sleep and a place for chairs or 
bench  AC/heat strip would be nice.

  Great options
  Water tank
  outside battery boxes
  A walk-through would be really nice
  A wash up and potty area would be da bomb
  If there's no cooking area, a safe place to light up my coleman stove would 
be nice.  Stallion stall would be nice  Awning  
  Here's what I've got to sell. It would be great for someone just starting 


  1978 (yeah, it's old, but still very nice for its age) King GN 2H straight 

  It's got a huge tack area under the horse mangers, accessible from either 
side of the trailer outside.

  A decent size LQ/dressing area with queen bed area, a bench for storage and 
sitting, closet and mirror. It's paneled and insulated. It's longer than a 
of newer ones, but more narrow.

  It's got AC that works really well, no heat, though.
  Crank out windows
  Awning (that works)
  The floors are wood, very heavy duty and in good shape
  Decent tires and spare
  Brand new hand crank jack. Cranks very easily, not much muscle power needed.
  Wired with plug ins for connecting to a generator or camp site power. 
wiring for microwave, fridge etc. but I don't have those things.  It is 
but not too much rust. I've looked at newer ones that have a lot more rust 
than this one!  It pulls and handles well behind a truck. 23 feet long from 
nose to rear doors.   It must be a decent ride for the horses. Once one goes 
for a ride in it, they are willing to hop right in again.

                            If you don't know where you are going, any road 
will get you there.      Lewis Carroll

  Chris Paus

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[RC] guilty husband, LOL, Chris Paus