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[RC] Newbie 'Prepping' for Long Distance - Mickey Womack

Hi Guys,
I am new to the list and new to endurance riding.  My husband and I ride QH's in rodeo events, primarily barrel racing and pole bending.  It's a lot of fun but we always like to stretch our boundaries.  We have had limited English training but are proficient at posting the trot and "two-pointing".  We are both in our early forties but in fairly decent 'shape'....no health conditions.
Each year we go on a "horse" vacation that typically involves lots of trail riding and some speed.  This coming June we are going to go on an "endurance ride" vacation.
I am trying to work on preparing my legs for lots of posting.  I don't have a horse to ride everyday so I was hoping to get some advice about 'off the horse' exercises.  Here are some of my questions.....
1) Are there any good 'ground' exercises to build up your leg muscles for lots of posting?  I have a swimming pool I can workout in if that is an option.
2) I currently ride in cotton breeches with inside leg patches.  Do you recommend that I get padded knee patches or something extra?
3) Should I wear a layer of pantyhose (or something) under the breeches to help with rubbing?
4) I wear Ariat endurance boots and use a Cashel Tush Cush......any other recommendations?
5) FOR LADIES EYES ONLY - Do you have any recommendations for keeping certain areas dry?  I'm concerned about aggravating yeast levels if I ride for an entire week straight.
Thanks for any insight you can offer!!!
Mickey (but I'm a girl)
Carrollton, Texas (Dallas suburb)