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[RC] 1997 ROC - Results - Flora Hillman

Courtesy of Mary Coleman (magazine copy).  Any and all errors in the OCR are
the computer's fault, not mine. :-)

Race was held at Fort Armstrong near Pittsburgh, PA. It was a 2 day 100 that
year held in October.  It ended up being very hot with had a high attrition

Loretta Wazelle Brazosrom               Hawthorne Racing Team   10:29:00
Kathy Thompson  IS Zane Grey            Hawthorne Racing Team   10:51:02
Constance Walker        DML Smoke Silver        Mustad Racing Team
Dan Wellings            Diamond Chipp   Sports Med Racing Team  11:26:21
Brenda Baird            Shabazzy Flagstaff      Level It Racing Team
Lari Shea               Farazjur Fari           Lexington Racing Team
Lana Wright             LL Stardom              Mustad Racing Team
Wend y Maas             Quasars Sneaker Leather Therapy Racing Team 11:32:00
Rchelle Burnside        Ciender         Lexington Racing Team   11:52-37
Connie Gray             Rushereek Quasar        Leather Therapy Racing Team
Roberta Harms   Sha Win         Lexington Racing Team   11:57:00
Norma House     Song of Shalizar        Roper Racing Team       12:11-00
Glenda Weeks    Furidan         Roper Racing Team 1     12:27:28
Susan Kasemeyer Royal Run Amir  Anima! Tacker Racing Team 12:31-00
Melissa Crain   Cherebial               Animal Tacker Racing Team 13:19:00
Nancy Moyer             Ramegaw Nuke'em Hawthorne Racing Team   13:46:00
Karen Clark             General Jeb Stuart      Animal Tacker Racing Team
Jim Koehn               Gero                    Leather Therapy Racing Team
Cory Navoy              Corey                   Mustad Racing Team
Meg Sleeper             WC Charleys Angel       Mustad Racing Team
Michael Mocilan Challenger              Lexington Racing Team   15:01:00
Mary Lou Rounds ENM Eddie               Lexington Racing Team   15:04:00
Donald Drenning VP Bojtok               Hawthorne Racing Team   15:16:00
Rich Maxwell            Aris Dusty Shadow       Sports Med Racing Team
Diane Potts             Krynatia                Roper Racing Team
Kathleen Crandell       Bold Soldier            Mustad Racing Team
Holly Ulyate            Beztez                  Roper Racing Team
Anna Ayala              Overlo Nuryev   Sport Med Racing Team   15:46:00
Joseph Edwardds Marco                   Hawthorne Racing Team   15:52:00
Bob Walsh               Curundu Aries   Mustad Racing Team      15:58:00
Patricia Harrop Slam The Book   Animal Tacker Racing Team 16:06:00
Lee Alexander   Crystal Mint            Norfields Racing Team   17:09:00
Donna Green             Chester Moyle   Level It Racing Team    17:23:00
Irving MeNaughton       1 VJH Phazon    Norfields Racing Team   18:40:00
Kathleen Robbins        Alerts Shadow   Mustad Racing Team      18:44:00


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