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RE: [RC] Old Championships (1986 WEC) The very first WEC - Steph Teeter

Angie - when you get all of these rides entered, I'll make a special page on Endurance Net for them - it's great that you and others are putting it all together. And thanks Julie!!
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Subject: Re: [RC] Old Championships (1986 WEC) The very first WEC

1.  Cassandra Schuler      USA              Skiko's Omar    10h 50 '  30"
2.  Jeannie Waldron          USA              Cher Abu          11h 19'   40"
3.  Bernhard Dornsiepen    GER               Drago                11h 19'   40"
4.  Valerie Long                GB                Tarim                11h 19'  40"
5.  Florian Schmidthus      GER               Hop-Aup           11h 19'  41"
6.  Pamela Jones              GB                Forest Fox        11h 20'  59"
7.  Francois Rimbaud        FRA               Kamir                11h 33'  20"
8.  Marie Salome' Lux        FRA               Latif                  11h 33'  20"
9   Carole Tuggey              GB                El Askar            12h 50'  40"
10. Piero  Spinazze           ITA                 Nageb               13h 12'  36"
11. Dominique Crutzen      BEL                Domino              13h 46'  26"
12. Franz Imhof                SUI                  Magic                17h 42'  12"
13  Albert Dolliger             SUI                  Franz                 17h 42'  12"
14. Becky Hart                 USA                Rio Grand Sultan 18h 34' 10"
Gold              Gran Bretagna   35h' 41' 19"
Silver             Stati Uniti          40h 44'  20"
Bronze           Francia             solo due class  (only finished 2 for the Team)
Best Condition     Cher Abu   Jeannie Waldron  USA
Location   Prattoni Del Vivaro,  Italy
Angie,  these results came from the President  Vittorio De Sanctis and #'s 2 and 3 are correct, but since i was there  and saw the finish i KNOW there was more than a 1 second time between 2 and 4, i think this is in error.  Jeannie is checking some other results she may have for clarification.  1986 was also the first North American and it was at the Swanton Pacific and probaby Barbara has those results.  ts

Re: [RC] Old Championships (1986 WEC) The very first WEC, Tom Sites