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Re: [RC] Storms in Arkansas - Mary Ann Spencer

Dang, I thought I had some bad luck after last yr's Hur Rita!!!!!  If you only need some pasture for a short time, I might be able to help you.  I am down in E TX though.  About 7 hours drive to Ft Chafee.  Let me know.  My 4 horse stock trailer still rolls.  Was not used much this past yr due to my weird work hours.  my phone is 936-414-3825 
BTW, Lucky helped me find my horse last yr at the LA ride.  She is one to help anyone.  
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Sent: Sunday, September 24, 2006 9:23 AM
Subject: [RC] Storms in Arkansas

Well, if any of you have considered buying a Romeo baby, now would be a GREAT time.  I just got hit by 2 tornados,  yep...TWO on Friday night.  Stevie and I are fine, and all of the critters will be OK.  I only THOUGHT I needed to cut down on numbers before-now I really don't know how to get them through the winter...
My house is OK (I'll be putting new shingles on, but I can do that).  But both of my barns and my shop are GONE.  We've got temporary fixes on fences, but I've lost the use of about 30 acres of pasture.  All of my stored hay is scattered or soaked.  And no, my insurance won't cover the hay-it only covers the structures (and not by much, I'm afraid).  My large stock trailer was picked up and thrown over the top of my old pick-up, both are done for.  My 4 horse Hart trailer was rolled through the orchard, it and the orchard are toast.  My 2 horse bumper pull trailer was opened like a can of sardines and uprighted in what used to be a barn.  There's a tree on my tractor, not sure how bad it is.  Both round pens were folded into origami.  Windows are out of 2 of the "work" vehicles here.
Only 3 horses with any marks on them.  One has scrapes, one a small cut.  The third mare has a pretty nasty gash below her eye and a slice of skin off of her left rear cannon, but with modest doctoring she should be just fine.
My house phone is out, only the computer line is working, but we've finally got power again- YEA!!!!!!!  I got a SHOWER last night!!!  If you need to call here try 870-966-4204 (my cell phone doesn't get reception here, but the number is 870-273-9828.
Some of my neighbors have already been showing up to help clear fences and prop up anything we can-thank goodness!!!
Due to fences going down when some of the largest trees went, I had to put my yearling stud colt and his 2 year old gelded brother in Romeo's pasture-I'll try to post pics of the Three Amigos later, they are TOO darling to watch.  The boys keep following Dad going "Is it OK now Daddy?"  "Can I rub on you, Daddy?"  Romeo has the _expression_ of the patient papa on his face, and he WATCHES every move the boys make...
Bill & Bonnie called home to check with their neighbors, all is well at their place...
Lucky Duffy
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Sent: Saturday, September 23, 2006 6:19 PM
Subject: [GaitedEnduranceRiders] storms

How are you guys in "the alley" fairing from the latest set of storms?



“You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace
unless he has his freedom.” Malcolm X

[RC] Storms in Arkansas, Faustina Duffy