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[RC] tonights the night !!! was last night!!! - April Allison

Sooo sorry yall. The computer was being stupid and I just got it fixed.
HE IS HERE !!!!!!!!!
Pictures as soon as I pic the film up tomorrow!
MIghty Mare and midwife-mare Lacey were having an evening in the grass arena. Nothing seemed to be going on babywise and the grass was good.
A Huge unexpected rain came upon us. We got 5 inches. Mares did not want to be caught and put up out of the rain, so after much chasing, we gave up and let them stay out in the rain. Guess it felt good after the drought.
The rain stopped, the evening was lovely, the grass was tasty.
I headed to the neighbors for a cup of tea. Walked past the mares on the way. Nothing going on. 
Half way thu my tea, my daughter bangs on the door. "THE BABY's HERE !!!!!"
He was sooo covered in mud you couldn't tell what color he was! He was up in about 20 min. Hubby the non horsey was the only one MIghty Mare would let near them. He went in and balanced JR's tushi so he could get his first meal. Up, nursed and took care of buisness within an hour. By the second hour he called out to Lacey and ran across the round pen to introduce himself. There is a round pen set up inside the arena at the moment and MIghty Mare chose to have him inside the round pen, in the mud, sigh.  
Sooo, we cleaned him up and WOW!! Not only is he perfect and sweet and outgoing with great perfect legs but WOW the color. 
He has a BLACK black head and neck and chest with a star and a stripe that angles to the side. He has a huge white blanket full of big black spots that goes almost to the whither and up onto his shoulders at the sides, and down his legs almost to the hock. Black hocks and knees. One of the hind legs goes back to a white sock with a white hoof. Black tail. The white has black spots, AND his black has white spots too. Just across his whithers and a little up his neck is black with white spots, the rest of his neck and head is solid black.But his legs have white spots all in the black. Not frosting either, but spots, the revers of his blanket.
Everybody is heathy and doing great and I will put pictures up tomorrow!