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Re: [RC] Fadja Mia - Tom Sites

Hello Sweet Hope,  I hope :) all is well with you.  As times goes on and passes us by, lets Hope we get it all straight.  You may have the longest living GAHR horse and thats an accomplishment to be Proud of, Hope.  Be at Peace, your friend in adventure, tom sites
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Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 6:05 PM
Subject: Fadja Mia

Hi Tom: Caught your notes on Ridecamp. Yes Fadja is still alive. She is 36 but will be 37 next month. Oct 17, 2006. The GAHR book made a mistake by saying she is an Arabian mare. Actually she is a Half Arabian. Her Sire is Fadjur the fabulous. Her dam was a ThB/Saddle bred. She came off a bucking string Rodeo! She was my daughter's horse. After she ran away and dumped Karen, I demanded she go to a trainer. One saturday we hauled her to a trainer. We left her there with a warning, she buckes! The very next day the Trainer called me to tell me he needed to call a Vet to stich up her face. Seems that while saddleing her up, as soon as he tightened the cinch she went bucking furously around the pen and caught her face on the boards of the pen.
Karen in a few years did her first Endurance ride the Tevis and finished on Amiga
Then Amiga was sent to the Jack Tone Ranch near Stockton Ca for breeding to Fadjur While there, we got a phone call saying the breeding manager (male) could not get a halter on her,and she was in a stall. We told them to have one of the girls go in the stall and she would let them put the halter on. Amiga did not like men. Memories of her Rodeo days I guess. Eleven months or so Fadja Mia was born. The rest is history. Bye for now Hope