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[RC] Eating Living Things - Tom Sites

I have a lot of Friends who are Vegetarians and always respect their view points and rationale.  I have also commented to RC in the past about if more people had to do their own slaughter, there would be more vegetarians.  All of Life is a cyclic chain going from the smallest bacterium  to the largest of animals and each one feeds off the smaller or the less powerful.  That, sad to say, seems to be 'Nature's Way'.
While in school i did an English Paper on "Do Plants Communicate?"  That conclusion was that they do not 'talk' but they do 'respond' to love and hate, or to them tenderness and threat.  In the past to RC i have also mentioned Debby 'Moon Child' who while weeding a garden started to cry and i asked her Why? and she said the plants were talking to her.  Yet, later on she had an abortion.  I never did figure that one out.
Eating of meat will always be around and American Society does not eat Horse, but others do.  If the weak or sick horses were not selectively culled the species would become weakened.  What really gets me is the treatment shown these horses who are on the way to their demise during transportation.   Therefore, i think we Americans ought to get off our high moral ground and stop trying to dictate to the rest of the world our views  and have centrally localized rendering plants thruout the country (USA) for shipment outside our country to others who are not as offended as we are to eating horse flesh, and from what i hear actually enjoy it.  I don't ever care to eat raw fish either, but i don't begrudge those Japanese and others that do.
Be at Peace,