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[RC] Compeigne 7 & 8 year old Top Ten bloodlines - K Voyer

2006 Compeigne ? World Championship for 7 & 8 year olds ? (8-27-06)


1 - Kedjari des Serres ? Shagya Arabian cross ? This horse is sired by the Arabian Persik son, Persicko, and is out of Nedjari VIII 7.304.  She is a shagya mare of Romanian origin, and born in May 1983. , daughter of  the Arab stallion Nedjari VIII and a mare shagya 450 Koheilan XXVI-9, born in 1970 with the stud farm of Mangalia (Romania).  It has 6 shagya lines in the 4th generation.  Persik is one of the top twelve producing sires of Endurance offspring in France.


2 ? Liana El Baraka ? Purebred Arabian ? Sired by Pegase EF (Menes X Pesenka ? a Salon daughter) and out of Zora Arabia, a Kilimanjaro (Aswan X Arax dtr) daughter, and out of the Maklouf (Kilimanjaro X Hadban Enzahi dtr) daughter Zaama el Maklouf, whose dam is sired by Masan (Hadban Enzahi X Haladin dtr), and out of a Baj (Negativ X Ba Toustem) dtr.


3 ? Naseera Ewalraid ? UNK


4 ? Kat-Adal-Kaiser ? Half Arabian, sired by the purebred Arabian Adal Esfinge (Zorba X Adal Upsala).  Zorba is sired by the Maquillo son Uzacur and out of the Malvito dtr Egipcia.  Adal Esfinge is from Spain.


5 ? Kazan Du Melay ? Half Arabian, sired by the purebred Arabian Abou Kamal (Dahman X Aicha).  Dahman is sired by Hadban Enzahi (EG) and is out of the Mabrouk Manial granddaughter Jadine.


6 ? Koum Des Jamets ? a purebred Arabian sired by Halzig (Nadji X Iran) and out of Boueina (Bayard X Oumenima).  Nadji is sired by Ourour and is out of the Ibn Fayda(EG) dtr Imama.  Bayard is sired by the Gosse Du Bearn son, El Jenab and is out of the Baj dtr Amphirite.


7 ? Kalahad ? a purebred Arabian sired by Cassini (Emir d?Espiens X Ghayoura) and out of Jahena (El Sham X Moon Light Airs).  Emir d?Espiens is sired by Fawzan (EG) and is out of the Gosse du Bearn dtr Saida.  Saida is out of the Spanish Arabian mare Hacaranda (Zurich X Yacaranda).


8 ? Lalik du Parc ? is an Anglo-Arabian who is sired by the Persik son, Dielik.  Dielik is out of the Diarex dtr Dielfa.  Diarex is sired by Eselsjor (PL) and out of Diaspora (PL).  Dielfa?s dam, Elfa, is sired by Elaborat (PL) and out of the Ba Toustem dtr Hfifa).  Persik is one of the top twelve sires producing Endurance horses in France.


9 ? Violon D?Ingres ? a purebred Arabian who was sired by Viola and is out of Volcano de Carrere.  Viola is sired by the Topol son Naftalin 24 and is out of the Lak dtr Salvia.


10 ? Adal-Kemal ? a purebred Arabian sired by the Spanish stallion Cabareto, and out of the Spanish mare Adal Urraca.  Cabareto was sired by Vencedor and is out of the Zancudo dtr Nata.  Adal Urraca is sired by Zangano (by Congo) and is out of the Tabal dtr Kamora.


Katherine Voyer
Oak Knoll Sporthorses
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