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[RC] Juniors in our future - rides2far

Is anyone else surprised by the negative comments. 

I didn't think they were being negative...just your standard endurance
"realists". I started endurance at age 27. That's just about as soon as
an adult who produces children can get involved. If you look at the AERC
records the dryest period is between junior status and late 20's. That's
called LIFE. It's when your parents quit paying your way and you're
trying either go to college or get by on an entry level salary.  Women
(who represent the majority of riders) are producing kids in those early
years too.  Jody's younger than me. She was probably late teens? when I
got started.  I saw her get married, then disappear from the radar.
Caught a glimpse of her at a ride a few years back and was really
surprised. Her child got a little bigger and "Katy bar the door" Jody was
BACK and had a little "Mini me" in tow!  It's quite possible that quite a
few of our juniors will return as adults, just because they go off the
radar doesn't mean they disappeared from the face of the earth. 

My junior is 16 now. She's got a nice horse that should peek during those
"dry years" and gets really angry if I suggest she may not compete in her
early 20's (she thinks I'm just waiting to get my hands on her horse).
I'm just a realist. What are the odds she's going to marry a guy who can
live near trails, provide a place to keep the horse, etc. If they stay
local, I'll help, but you don't pay entry fees on your 24 year old.

By the way, my girls notice boys alright, but don't look for guys that
ride. I raised them to look for a guy who looks like he could carry a lot
of water. :-)



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