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[RC] FW: Hind leg deep digital flexor tendon injury - Tracey Lomax

Went out to the stable this morning and Barney is crippled lame on his near hind.  There is a large amount of heat and swelling in the area of the deep digital flexor tendon, so for now we’re treating it as an injury to the tendon, although there is also heat in the foot, so an abcess is not out of the question, and he may have a puncture would which our inspection hasn’t shown (he won’t stand still for us to examine the leg terribly closely).


I’ve dealt with this kind of injury in front, successfully enough, but what about behind?  I phoned my vet and a trainer friend and both agreed that I must just treat the wound with hot and cold wraps, rest it and bandage it, so that’s what we’re doing.  Roderick’s going to check tomorrow for an abcess as well. 


Anybody dealt with something similar before?  I’ve kinda resigned myself to Barney having six months’ off, which is a little depressing as I was about to take him to his first Novice dressage show, PN Eventing, and Roderick was gonna take him E grade.  This was gonna be “his season”.  Ah, well.  What is of more concern is whether this is going to impact on his ability to do dressage long-term because I’ve decided to stop jumping and rather do dressage.  I know that front tendon injuries don’t always affect a jumping career, but will the deeper going and “collected” dressage work be too much for him? 


Any advice is welcome.  I know I may be jumping the gun without a definitive diagnosis, so bear with me : the eternal pessimist.