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[RC] Tevis ditch and traffic jam - Jonni

Rode out Friday afternoon, to check out the normal little washout / ditch that is on the Tevis trail, within the first mile or two. Never has been a big deal, but good to look at, and let the horses see it. It has been there at least the past 2 years. This year it was a tad deeper. The bottom is about 8-10" across, and the top is a couple feet across. It has sloped sides in to it. There was a second one, not as big/deep. I noted to my self to remember that the left side had some rocks/logs in it, and to stay to the right. 
We head out the morning of the ride, only to stop as mentioned by others, when many horses will NOT cross, and they fight with their horses to get over it, thus making a back up, traffic jam, and loss of time for many riders. But here is something many have forgot. When one horse sees another balk, or refuse, then the next horse will often do the same. The horse will question the safety of crossing something that other horses were refusing to cross. So, often, with some horses, it can help to not let them see a horse who is refusing and balking at crossing or going past an object by turning it away from the refusing horse, and then turning it around at the right moment to go over the object without it watching previous refusals.
Of course, the key is to train your horse to go forward when asked, and to not be nervous and apprehensive about the possibility of the horse doing a huge launch over the ditch etc. If you are fearful at all that the horse might take a huge leap, I'd put money the horse will pick up on that, and keep refusing to cross. And if that is the case, it is the RIDER that needs to work on a few things to deal with such situations.
This little ditch has been there on the Tevis trail, but it was a tad worst this year, and a few horses balking, turned it in to a bigger issue, with more horses. Of course, our NATRC horses had no issues with it. <wink>
Jonni in TX