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Re: [RC] Question for Mike - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

Oh sorry I wasn't more specific. I know you can't put them on rider 
records (I LOVE the records you do put up though!)

I was thinking if someone could compile just the ride results and put 
them somewhere maybe we could at least have a link to it from the 
AERC site...or even Ridecamp. It would be a shame if we lose the 
records of how the horses finished in those BIG rides. :-)


-- Michael Maul <mmaul@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Unfortunately the International rides that are not sanctioned by AERC 
will not show up.  There may be a very few where the office in long 
times past put a fake entry for an International ride to add it.

Today we just add the non-sanctioned courtesy miles to the "back 
so that the rider gets them in their Lifetime miles.

The office does this by request only.  They don't add miles for 
in a non-sanctioned international ride.

If ROC events were sanctioned by AERC - they "should" show up.  But 
I've often said - rides prior to Dec 1995 are 90-95% at best in the 
archives which are not official.

Let me know if you have a specific AERC sanctioned event that isn't 
showing up and I'll see what's happening.  The archive rides editor 
I use for making corrections isn't working right now so I can't make 
corrections to the online pre-1995 rides.

If someone from AERC-I had all the info and wanted to spend the hours 
entering it - I'd certainly be willing to make the tools available.


rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hey Mike,

Last night my daughter got started looking up records on some of 
great horses from the SE...like Amir Nezraff, Whoa Jack, Desert 
Ballad, Charbiel, Khalil Khai, etc. Really cool when we saw the 
time Amir didn't win and looked to see who the heck did it...Vali 
Hifezeyna...would have loved to see that one.

The thing is, their International Rides and ROC type rides don't 
up. Is there *anywhere* that those type rides are recorded...I'd 
to be able to just see the finishing order of some of the earlier 
North American Championships & such. Maybe a project for AERC 
International? :-)


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