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[RC] EN covers--100 milers - Jody Rogers-Buttram

Ok, I always have liked to stir the pot....sometimes too much.  But with ALL this talk about the promotion of 100 mile rides, why is it that the covers of EN do not reflect the winning horses of the big 100's ???? 
For instance, the cover of this month's EN, has someone that rode the 50 at the OD crossing the river.  A wonderful shot, but why not John Crandell and his horse???  What about next month's.....will he still not make the cover after winning and BC'ing the TEVIS???  I mean we could just take say about 2-3 major 100's during the year max and put those people on the cover.  Especially after John Crandell did so well at both the OD and the Tevis.  To me, it would just be a shame not to honor him and his horse that way.
I don't know who is in charge of the covers, I know that they have criteria that the photos must meet, so I am sure is not as easy as it may seem and I don't want this post to look like I am bashing anyone.
OK, here's a thought, why not AERC put together a 100 mile calendar for sale?  Maybe the profits could go toward the 100 miles rides in some way.  Either for the education committee on 100's or a program of sorts to help out RM's of 100's.  The calendar could have it all, from finishers, to newbies on their first 100, to someone like John Crandell taking it all on both coasts.  It could even have "100 mile tips" throughout it.  Just a thought...and trying to keep it on a positive note.

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