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Re: [RC] Arabs and water - rdcarrie

My gelding Bear will do that now and then...dunk his head about halfway to his eyes, and blow bubbles.  Then he'll raise his head, take another big breath, and do it again.  He'll do it over and over if I let him.  I only let him do it at a ride if there are no other horses around to disturb, or if we're just with friends on a training ride and he's not bothering anyone.  It's a hoot.
Dawn in East Texas
and Bear (Look!  I'm a motorboat!!)
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Oh, and yes, she dunks her head up to her eyes (sometimes even those, too), and blows lots of bubbles. 

Elizabeth Chase <elizabethchase1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My Akhal-Teke mare loves to play in her water, and even likes her apple bits tossed in the water so she can play with them before eating.  She will drink from anything, including my hands, and loves to sip from the hose, too. 
I also used to ride a TB while on active duty, who liked drinking from bottles.... he'd hold the bottle by the neck and upturn it all by his lonesome.
new to RC

Julie Fuller <natira121@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Over the years I have seen some pretty funny things happen with horses
and water.

A million years ago (Okay, like 30) I rode an arab stallion who would
put his whole head in a trough, up to his ears! and drink and blow
bubbles. The first time my mom was on him, and he did this, she
frantically pulled his head up, yelling "What's he trying to do, commit
suicide!?" I've never seen another horse do this, of any breed.

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Re: [RC] Arabs and water, Elizabeth Chase