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[RC] Things Not to Say to a Horse Owner - Christina McCarthy

Things Not to Say to a Horse Owner

Riding isn't a sport, the horse does all the work.
If you kept the house as neat as you do the barn, we wouldn’t have to
look for things.
Sure, I can ride. I went riding on my vacation two years ago.
Your horse is only worth what someone will pay you for him.
Oh - you’re going to breed her... how long will it take her to have a
Gosh - your horse trailer cost more than your house!
Shouldn’t that saddle in your front room be in the barn?
Why do you have so many horses? You can only ride one at a time.
Geez- It’s ONLY a horse!
How much did you say you paid for those shoes?
____ is old and you don’t ride him anyway, why don’t you sell him?
Did you know that your horse is foaming at the mouth?
The way you treat that horse, you’d think it was part of your family.
I heard that Dr Phil said that owning a horse is good exercise - for the
Haven’t you outgrown that horse “thing” yet?
Any phrase containing the word “hayburner”
If you spent as much time with your husband as you do your horse, you’d
have a happier marriage.
My car/boat/motorcycle just sits in the garage until I need it.
You have a Quarter Horse? Where’s the rest of him?
Did you step in something? Your boots stink.
Should you still be riding at your age?
When can we come to ride?
You have to buy hay? Can’t they just eat grass?
What, I shouldn’t wear flip-flops out to your barn?
Do you have any clothes besides jeans & horse t-shirts?
Why do you take lessons? I thought you knew how to ride.
The baby horse is so cute - (when referring to an aged PONY)
You should show that horse who’s boss, then he’ll do what you want!
My teen is so lazy. I'll send him/her to your place-maybe you can get
him/her to work!
How many more times are you going to let that horse throw you off before
you give it up?
Do horses really have a personality?
Eew! Horse poop. How do you walk around here?
So where do you get all of your money? I know you have money, cause
you've got horses.
Doesn’t it hurt when you fall off?
Your barn is cleaner than your house.
Imagine how much money you’d have if you didn’t have all these horses to
Why put your vet’s/farrier’s kids through college? You could be taking a
Your horse’s only talent is stimulating the economy.
You have horses... you must be RICH!
Are you sure he can breathe with that thing (girth) wrapped around his gut?
Why don’t you train him to go outside like a dog, instead of in his stall?
You paid HOW much?
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