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RE: [RC] Trailer suspension and ride. - Paul Sidio

Part of the ride is the trailer suspension , but part of the ride is also what the horse is standing on. Early this year, I put "equifoam" floor mats in my trailer. I was replacing the regular "heavy duty" rubber mats the trailer came with. The distributer had a booth at a horse fair  we went to, so I looked at the charts and graphs about claimed vibration reduction and improved flooring against slipping and spent the bucks. It cost me under $250 and about 30 minutes of my time to redo my straight load two horse trailer. I have since hauled about 3,000 miles  and absolutely love it. The mats don't slip. The horse seems fresher when I let him out at stops, both before and after rides. He doesn't seem to slop around in the stall on sharp curves like with the old mats. They are also easier to clean. One thing I did do was to cut the edge facing the outside at about a 45 degree angle to give it a beveled step up and step down.
Equifoam is made by Dow Chemical, and they should be able to tell you who distributes for them.
Note: I have ZERO connection with anybody who makes or sells this stuff and am just offering my personal opinion about something that has worked for me.
Paul Sidio
Spokane MO