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Re: [RC] Define "An Endurance Rider"? - Jody Rogers-Buttram

Since I have a daughter who rides in this sport also  I will answer that.  First, I think it is wonderful that she rides, thinks of her horse and enjoys this sport.  I appreciate you for being the considerate mom and sponsoring her thru these rides and teaching her how to ride and take care of her horse.  Not to mention making sure that she is ready to move up to 50's.  Not all parents do that....hats off to you.  Even when she does move up, you still will feel like maybe she wasn't ready at some time or another...but she will do fine.  You did a great job with the background.  But, my daughter, Joni who just turned 12, started riding endurance when she was 8 here in the SE would be the very first in line to say  .....LD is not Endurance.  And someday, your daughter will agree when she is doing the 50's and 100's. 
PS.  That was one of the cutest cover EN has had !!!  :))

Patricia Israelson <mspattykirk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
To those of you who are "discussing" whether Limited Distance riders should be considered to be Endurance Riders;
I have been reading on Ride Camp the opinions of many of you - both pro and con.  I would ask you to check your current August issue of Endurance News.  On page 55, EN lists the "National Limited Distance Mileage Championship"  In the Junior Division, Jordan Israelson is in second place.  She is nine years old and has been doing Endurance Rides for three years now.  This is her second year to be nationally ranked in the EN.  Also, in June of ' 05, she was on the cover of the magazine.  Every time we start out on a ride, the first thing she wants to know is if we are in the top 10. She is planning on doing her first 50 mile ride next month.  I have kept her in the Limited Distance rides up until now because, as her sponsor, I want to be sure that she was REALLY ready to move up to 50's.  Jordan considers herself to be an Endurance Rider and she rides an Endurance Horse. The welfare of her horse, riding the trails, encouraging other new riders, and making friends are her priorities.  Many of the riders and vets here in the Central Division know who this little girl and her one-eyed horse are.  She is the future of our sport, as are all the other new riders who are starting out in the Limited Distance category.  Which one of you legalists would like to tell her that she's not a "real" Endurance Rider yet? 
Patty Israelson  

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[RC] Define "An Endurance Rider"?, Patricia Israelson