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Re: [RC] PS & W Region 100 mile program-(long) delete if bored with thread - Teri Hunter

This is a nice program.  I did scim over so please foregive me if I missed something.  Is the cost $25.00 per year?  Why did you use past mileage completed?  Was there a buy back on prior mileage?
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Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 1:48 PM
Subject: [RC] PS & W Region 100 mile program-(long) delete if bored with thread

I was asked to post the address for the West and PS 100 mile website.  It is www.100mileriders.com.  There is a lot of good information on the site including ride stories, pictures, regional stats, ride descriptions.
Just to give you a little background on the program if you don't know.  Alison Farrin and I started a regional program in the PS region. We based the structure on Angie McGhee's proposal of  a National "levels" recognition program.  We started the program last August.  I think we only had 13 horses signed up the first month.  Most of our promotion was through the internet lists and through word of mouth.  In January, the West region started a sister program.  Karen Chaton offered to build a website for the regional 100 mile programs.  Her design created a website that included all kinds of information for the 100 mile rider or the potential 100 mile rider.  We then had the website linked to the endurance.net site so it would be easy to find.  In February, the PS program had grown to 40 horses.  Many of those enrolled in the program were horses that had NEVER done a 100.  I thought this was a good sign that riders were willing to invest in our recognition program ($20.00) betting that they would get their horses to the 100 mile distance.  To date we have 54 horses in the PS program.  The website is not showing this number because I was waiting for Tevis results before updating.  In just a year, the PS region has 4 new 100 mile riders that had signed up with the program BEFORE entering their first ride.  Two of those riders had the Tevis Cup as their first 100 mile ride and their horse's first 100 mile ride.  Congratulations Shari Thompson (Tevis 2005) and Tara Noller (2006).   Pam Bowen completed her first 100 mile ride at 20 MT this year and just completed her second - the Tevis.  There are several horses that have completed their first 100 mile ride while enrolled in this program.  I don't have the exact numbers as I haven't updated the website since June.  I can tell you that there are three horses enrolled in our program that have completed 11 100 mile rides and one that has 10 100 mile completions (Heigh Ho - Jonathan Bowman).  If it were not for this program there would be no easy way to know that these horses had achieved this in the 100 mile distance.  Imagine over a 1000 miles of one day 100s.  AERC does not distinguish between 100 mile completions and 50 mile completions in lifetime mileage awards.  Congratulations to Don & Pam Bowen and Whyatt, Dick Dawson and JS Bach, and Carolyn Hock and Sando for completing 11 one day 100s.  So far we have two horses that reached the Gold Level in 2006.  This means they have completed 5 100 mile rides and have 3,000 competition miles.  Congratulations to Tammy Robinson and Charutu and Jane McGrath and Fire Mountain Scamp.  Isn't it nice to see horses that exemplify longivity in the sport and success at the 100 mile distance. 
    I know there are probably the same types of accomplishments in every other region but they go un noticed because 100 mile accomplishments are lost in the big tent of endurance. 
    The Pacific Southwest region has added two new 100s this year.  I assume that one of the reasons that these were added was to accomodate FEI riders but I am also sure that renewed interest in the 100 mile distance played a roll.  I know that the new West region 100 was added this year because of renewed interest in 100s. 
    I can't argue with the numbers on the decline of the 100 mile ride.  But my experience in the PS region and with this PS recognition program over the last year show that 1. endurance riders ARE interested in a 100 mile recognition program so much so that they are willing to pay to enroll.  2. Riders do like recognition from their peers for what they have accomplished with their horses  3. The PS program has helped riders focus on a particular goal and particular rides EVEN if 100 mile rides were in their future at sometime.    I think all of these facts are a positive and a step in the right direction.  I don't see any reason that the success we are seeing on a regional level would be different from success on the National level.
Kim Fuess

[RC] PS & W Region 100 mile program-(long) delete if bored with thread, KimFue