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[RC] re: 100s discussion - Cindy Collins

I have to get some clarification here...

First, David LeBlanc said:
"I only have the one horse for myself - he'd need a lot of time off after
a 100, and I'd rather do a couple of 50's."  WHY???  Why would your horse
need so much time off that it would cramp your style, David?  I've done
three 100 milers in a two month period.  Lots of other people have done a
50 miler within a few weeks of a 100 miler, then another 50 the next
month.  I don't understand?

Then, JoAnn said:
" But to do LD rides for a
season I think would mark one an endurance rider." JoAnn your thoughts
were calm and well articulated, but I totally disgree with the above
statement and it is the reason people are so upset and that this argument
has been going on seemingly forever.  NO, if someone does LD rides for 20
years, they are still not an endurance rider and their horse is not an
endurance horse.  This is not to be mean or arrogant or to put anyone
down...it's a fact.  If I run 3K s six times per year for 20 years I am
STILL NOT A MARATHONER.  I do know know why this concept is so difficult
or why it is even open to discussion.  Someone please help me


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