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[RC] Update on bucking horse - Katie Baxter

Thanks for all the information and responses about my 6 yr old Arab I bought this spring that seemed to just start bucking after riding for 3 months. I took several people's advice and had the saddle checked by someone who has rode horses all her life, is an Arab person and worked in a tack shop for years. She checked out his saddle on him and said it fits him fine (I didn't think it was the saddle because it is wide enough and seems to fit him fine). My vet came out (he has trained show Arabs for probably 30 years). He said the horse was not respectful to the bit. I can stop and steer him but sometimes he resists the bit or puts his head up. He said I need more control, that he has to learn to respect the bit. I use a snaffle and he showed me how to put reins on him with a surcingle in the round pen, 10 minutes on both reins, 10 minutes with them shortened on one side then 10 minutes shortened on the other side. He says that will teach him to give to the bit and not resist it.
My friend also pointed out that if he was in pain, he would buck every time at the canter and he doesn't. He didn't buck at all when I first bought him and then very occasionally a little crow but the 4 out of the last 6 rides he bucked majorly. It was not a little crow hop. A couple times he bucked several times and so hard that is was hard to stay on and I have rode for quite a while. My seat is pretty balanced and I my hands are pretty soft. He was a race horse for a couple years and it kind of seems the times he has bucked is when he wanted to get going real fast and I was trying to slow him down (I am careful not to jerk on his mouth though),
So I am assuming it is a training issue. Have anyone else had trouble with their young horses getting frustrated and bucking occasionally and what did you do? I am going back to basics with training him. I have done join up with him and I can get him to follow me around without a lead in the round pen and back up etc. And the last couple times I have rode him I have practiced walking and whoaing, trotting and whoaing and cantering and whoaing and getting a good whoa out of him.


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