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Re: [RC] John Crandell III & Heraldic - Truman Prevatt

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
That seems to be exactly what the USEF is thinking by lowering the requirement for nomination, at some point the horse is washed up for high level competition.

I am Sure John put a lot of base on him. However, everyone doesn't have the experience that John has (how many times has he won the OD?). When John did the first 100 on this horse he had 2 LD's and 3 50's. I would not recommend riders looking for their first 100 to sign up to that regiment. John bought to the table a lot of experience which helped the horse step up to the task. That's experience riders signing up for their first ride have.

Some horses seem ageless. Some are worn out at a 1000 miles. Some has to do with how they are ridden. Some also has to do with the individual. Warren Moon was just inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He was released at 37 by the Oilers since they though he was over the hill. Most NFL quarterbacks don't even get close to 33. He signed on with another team and played till he retired at 45. Noland Ryan pitched to many father/son combinations and was 45 when he retired from baseball. He pitched a no hitter at 45!
Neither of these guys seemed to show the results of aging until very late.

I think the horses that last a long time are just bottom line great horses. If a horse doesn't have it in him to hold up, If you start him doing 100 at 7 or 10 he'd probably end up with the same. I suspect they only so many 100's in them no matter when you start them on 100's.
All I'm saying is, I believe lots of people get stuck in the "Let me
train a little more, then a little more, and a little more and the horse
is "there" and that additional training is adding wear & tear. At some
point you're going backwards.. I am not in favor of rushing young joints
so please don't associate my comments with that.
However, I'm not sure that makes much difference. Those that have that mind set probably aren't going to do a 100 anyway. The one thing I've noticed over and over is a rider comes into the sport. The have a horse they've been riding for awhile. He has a base. They do a few CTR's some slow endurance rides and work the horse up and the horse becomes quite a good horse. Then when they retire the horse they still want to be "on top." The next horse doesn't get the time it needs to develop physically and mentally for the sport and neither does their next horse or next horse and none quite measure up to the first. I think there is a fine line of too much and too little.



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Re: [RC] John Crandell III & Heraldic, rides2far