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Re: [RC] John Crandell III & Heraldic - Jody Rogers-Buttram

OK PEOPLE !!!!    Can't RC just once, let something be what it is????  In this case, a great rider and horse doing something that MOST of us only dream of doing,  WITHOUT all the analysis and guess work.   I would hate to be John Crandell and see this on RC in a matter of hours from such a feat.  Let it go folks, and congratulations to them both.

Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That seems to be exactly what the USEF is thinking by lowering the
requirement for nomination, at some point the horse is washed up for
high level competition. Of course someone have told Rio that. Maybe the
qualifications for the NC are just about right ;-) .

It is like anything. The great horses will be great just about any way
they are managed. But for the average horse - is trying to push the same
program in their best long term interest? How this horse turns out in
the long run - is still unknown.

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> the least wear. Worn joints aren't always the sign of abuse. Don't *we*
> all have worn joints? Go watch adult joggers, then go to a high school
> track and watch 18 year olds. You don't have to be a pevert to think it
> is a *beautiful* thing to see how fluid they run on the well lubricated,
> smooth cartilage compared to the adults that you thought looked
> good...until you saw the teen.
In human athletics it's not the 18 year old runners that are cleaning up
- except against 18 year olds. They may look great at 18 but they aren't
getting it done.



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Re: [RC] John Crandell III & Heraldic, Truman Prevatt