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[RC] Bosana Boots - Teddy

I sell and have used the Bosana Boots on MANY horses.  Unfortunately, the brochure does not give you much information.  The Boot is designed to go OVER a shoe...the heel of the shoe fits under the back bar of the boot by using the tool that comes with it.   Place the horses foot in the boot as far as it will go by hand. Insert the tool into each hole at either side of the back bar of the boot to draw the back bar back while using the tool to grasp the heel of the shoe so that the back bar of the Bosana Boot now rests on top of the heel of the shoe.  Done a few times with a little bit of practice, they are easier to put on and take off than Easyboots.  If the heel of the shoe is fully under the back bar of the Bosana Boot it is next to impossible to lose either the Bosana Boot or the shoe.  They are an ideal substitute and added protection for horses with or without pads.  They provide excellent traction and proved cushioning, thus reducing stress and the ensuing swelling and leg puffiness that can accompany rides on hard ground. Also, being rubber, not a plastic, they provide better grip on almost all kinds of footing and are longer-lasting...

Several riders at the Big Horn and the Tevis wore them this year...
Teddy Lancaster

Teddy Lancaster


122 Rainbow Dr. #2265

Livingston, TX 77399-1022



All Returns/Repairs are to be sent to:

Running Bear

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