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[RC] re: the perfect man - Mary Campbell-Crowder

Hello folks, just thought I'd share my story...
My hubby, Bret, and I work for the same company. He's the sales manager, and I'm in charge of the office. Since we work 8-5 everything else in the world is hard to get to when they are open.
Yesterday we loaded all our trash in the back of the pickup, living in a rural area we only go to the dump once in a while. So he was out selling and running errands yesterday, and I called to remind him to come back early so one of us could go to the dump, while the other watched the office. This is what he said to me word for word!!!
"okay honey, I'll be back in a little bit. Then you can go to the dump, and head home to get in a ride."
I didn't even mention a ride or even think of going on one!!!
Now if you want to clone him, he will gladly volunteer...I'd like to add a few new items to him though...
1. The ATM feature, like on the Stepford's where money just spits out of his mouth
2. The unlimited ability to put up/repair fencing in any weather
 If I can clone him, I want about 3 of him for myself...one to cook&clean, one for horsey stuff and one just to hang around with and love.
MaryBeth, who "almost" has the perfect man, now if her horse would exhibit some of that innate perfection that she has....<VBG>

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