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Re: [RC] Truman's "Just Show Up" Recommendation for 100s - Joe Long

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 16:04:27 GMT, "rides2far@xxxxxxxx" <rides2far@xxxxxxxx>

Why would a prospective 100 miler want to "just show up" to do his first 
100 if it takes11 total vacation days (a precious commodity), beaucoup $$$ 
in gas, and then no crew (after many have been telling 100s they virtually 
always need a crew on a 100

ELEVEN VACATION DAYS? Where the heck did that come from? Other than for the 
Pan Ams where they *made* us show up a week early, I've never taken over one 
day off to do a 100. About the only difference in going to a 50 or 100 for me 
is that if I'm doing a 100 I mix up 3 or 4 more doses of electrolytes.


I'm with you.  This is another example of the kind of talk that can discourage
people from trying a 100.    The most extra time I've ever spent to do a 100 in
my own Region was one extra day, and that was for last summer's Big Horn.  Most
of my 100's have been drive to the ride site Friday, ride Saturday, and drive
back home Sunday, the same as a 50.  Like you, the only additional preparations
I made for the Big Horn vs. any 50-mile ride last year was to carry more feed
and electrolytes along.  Well, I did pre-ride the last seven miles of trail on
Friday, but that was because I was expecting to have to race that portion and I
wanted both Sanshra and I to know where we were.

Unless you're traveling over 500 miles to the ride extra travel or recovery days
are unnecessary.

A crew is good to have, especially for a first 100.  But not necessary either,
as evidenced by the many people who have ridden the "Cavalry Division."  Those
folks can't take any help from anyone, not even let their horse drink from an
offered bucket or take a cup of water for themselves (except that provided by
ride management).  A crewless rider can always find people happy to help out.


Joe Long


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Re: [RC] Truman's "Just Show Up" Recommendation for 100s, rides2far@xxxxxxxx