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[RC] Truman's "Just Show Up" Recommendation for 100s - Dabney Finch

Truman wrote:
 I sure can't
see spending money to subsidize any portion of the sport that doesn't
impact the maximum number of the members. The way to get more 100 mile
rides is for people to show up to the ones we have now and support them.

Dabney responds:
Why would a prospective 100 miler want to "just show up" to do his first 100 if it takes11 total vacation days (a precious commodity), beaucoup $$$ in gas, and then no crew (after many have been telling 100s they virtually always need a crew on a 100)--oh, and then there's only a 50/50 chance to complete even if everything else goes right.  And, if you're on the pulling side of the 50%, you're a "loser" in the words of AERC's motto?
Let's ask the "old-timers" whether they would have sacrificed all of the above travel/time/$$ for the chance to do a 100, or whether they were tempted to enter because a 100 was closish to home?
As for subsidies, you may recall several weeks ago I recommended a voluntary 100 miler fund (similar to the trails fund) to which AERC members could contribute with their annual dues (or--any other time). 
Truman--would you contribute?