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Fw: [RC] [RC] Rite To Ride Help Us!! - Annie

I appreciate your comments but Please I don't need this kind of discouragement.   I continue to ask everyone to reply. It does matter here. This  particular Forest is extremely sensitive to petitions and public opinion.  Please continue to respond.
Annie G.  
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Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 10:27 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Rite To Ride Help Us!!

This is exactly right!  I work for the Forest Circus, so can vouch for this being true.  <G>  Petitions, even those signed by 500 people, don't count for more than a letter written by a single person.  Same with form letters.  One cannot rack up "votes" by making copies of form letters and having people sign them and mail them in separately.  The way the FS looks at comments is, they read letters and look for "significant issues;" that is, they want to see substantive reasons and issues in a letter.  So explain "what" your concerns are, "why" you have those concerns, possibly "what" might alleviate your concerns, etc.  If you don't live near an area on which you are commenting, but you do travel there to do rides, note that.
Hope this helps...
Dawn in East Texas
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From: Mel Cochran <brio_gal@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: annie@xxxxxxxxx; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 12:13:22 -0500
Subject: RE: [RC] [RC] Rite To Ride Help Us!!

A word of advice... 
Form letters/Petitions do not work with the Forest Service. When they get the same text from a bunch of different people they count it as one letter. You do not get the benefit of numbers by doing things that way. If you really want to be heard, everyone that has an interest needs to take a moment to write their own individual message and send it. Another good thing to do is make sure that your Congressmen are aware. The Forest Service has to pay attention when they get a Congressional! 
Just a little tip on getting the giant to listen :-) 
Good Luck! 
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>Subject: [RC] Rite To Ride Help Us!! Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 08:54:05 >-0700 

>I want to try something that I don't know if it has been tried before. If >you are in support of this letter please reply to me, not to the group. >annie@xxxxxxxxx Then I can fwd the 'petition' to all the appropriate >agencies here in NM. They would like to ignore us because they don't >understand how big we really are. Lets show them. This makes it real >easy for you to pitch in. I will appreciate a great turn out on this. >Just type in I agree, your name and town and reply to me. Thank you. 
>Annie George . > > ------------------------------------------------------------------- > We the Endurance and Pleasure horseback >riders of the USA are opposed to any destruction or OHV infiltration into >the Burro Mountain area of the Gila Forest of New Mexico. We regard our >rite to ride and camp in the National Forests of the USA in peace and >safety as extremely important. We ask the Gila Forest Supervisor Marcia >Andre and the District Ranger Russell Ward to deny the planned sacrifice >of the Burros to OHV use. As time goes by it is increasing difficult to >find places to ride and to have organized Endurance rides. We strive to >protect what we have. The Burro Mtn area has been an historical site for >endurance rides for over 25 years. We feel that the grandfathered status we >have should carry some weight. Thank you. 
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