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[RC] FEI -vs open AERC rides - smuncy

  The major problem, I had with FEI rides run in conjunction with 'open' rides - is that FEI riders seemed to get  'preferential treatment', as far as getting though vet check(s), where allowed to set up for vet check -  they got to crew closer -  to vet check, etc. - 'think it should be first come, first served.'  Ride I am thinking of, FEI riders had first pick of 'choice' vet check areas, (roped off for them) ;  seemed to be 'fostered through' vet check lines, when 'regular' riders  seemed had to wait more, and  also,  take what was left over for 'crew areas', also, trailer parking better for FEI;  and regular riders were treated almost like ' 2nd class citizens'.  This was several years ago, maybe it has changed, but left  it left 'impression' / and  that given choice,  I  probably will not go to FEI  co - sanctioned ride, if had  other options. Unless, happen to be  riding FEI, which only did once - too many 'hoops' to jump through, not my style, plus added 'expenses',  and no interest in competing international - so why bother. This was several years ago, so maybe  it is better toward 'open riders'  now.?
   The organization I belonged to decided they did not want to have 'jump through the hoops' to host  a FEI event, or pay 'alot'  of extra money, etc. to  co - sanction, ( with little return for money  that had to put out to  have ride with FEI  'status' ),  but they  may  rethink that, as has  been said, previously,  to get 100 mile enteries, almost need to co - sanction anymore,  to have adequate  # 100 mile enteries, sad. 
   Jmo - re:  decrease in 100 mile enteries... 'time' and money. and fewer 100's offered overall. Time to condition, travel to ride 100  that is offered. Having 'time off' and  Money to allow time required to do either/ both.  As noted,  there are fewer 100's, often further  away from 'home area'  - takes days to travel to, and return. May be necessary to take week off at least to do some.? More if plan 'cross country'. Of course all people  have to set priorities/goals, but sometimes  can be two important factors.  StephanieM