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Re: [RC] 100's - FEI - Truman Prevatt

Steph Teeter wrote:

I have to agree with some of you that FEI can make it less fun, more
stressful, etc. (as a rider and as a ride manager!) It helps for the RM to
have a done a couple, and it really makes a difference to have staff (FEI
vets, judges, stewards, TD's) that works well together, and keeps things
friendly and low key. Having an overzealous steward can be a bit of a
nuisance. It's a balancing act for the most part.

One thing I might suggest is the FEI judges, stewards, TD's etc. have no status with the non-FEI riders. One thing that I have seen that has cause hard feelings is multiple FEI officials giving instructions to riders some of which conflicted with what a rider was told by a different FEI official.

For the AERC ride there should be only one person in charge - which should be RM or the head of the vet check if the RM is not around. If the FEI official has an issue with a not FEI rider, they don't go to the rider they go through person in charge. I think that will clear up a lot of the problems.

As far as "stabling", I've yet to hear a logical explanation why it was necessary that passed the laugh test. Most likely it really gets down to making life easy on the FEI officials. No matter how you cut it when you reserve an area for a group you are going to take someone's favorite spot - even if the person had never been there before :-) .

I would suggest that if there is not better argument for the stabling that make it easier on the FEI officials, then you drop it. Give the FEI riders a orange flag with a glo stick to put out side their trailer.

I think it can work. However, I've been to several of these ether as a rider, worker or pit crew and I have yet seen it work without someone getting upset.



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RE: [RC] 100's - FEI, Steph Teeter