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[RC] For Rob, on safety nets and 100 milers - Laura Hayes

Laura Hayes and Mark McConnon DVM
Brocton, NY
Rob Losey wrote:
>>>>I can't speak of  endurance, I'm too new and will never be good at it because
I'm too old. I can speak of life because I am old, though I never got real good
at it.
Years ago great challenges were faced and overcome by hard working men and
women. Settling this county. Crossing the west. Facing the dust bowl, WW1, the
Great Depression and WW2. You had to succeed. Failure meant death, one great
Now we can't hardly move without tripping on safety nets. Fill out the right
government paper work and you'll have housing, food, and enough money to buy
your beer and cigarettes. Fail in business, just file for bankruptcy.
Yes these safety nets are good things, they show our humanity. But many have
found it comfortable to just live in a safety net. If you don't try you can't
fail. Late in life I found endurance. Riding without a net. Work hard, learn
all you can, train, condition and prepare your horse. Know how to read your
horse. Your horse will give it's all to care for you. You must learn to care
for it.
Risk of failure is what made this country great. Preparing and overcoming that
risk is what drew me to endurance. That's what makes endurance endurance. I
choose goals more carefully now. This maybe my last goal. In endurance I still
have a long way to go. Please don't string up one more safety net under one of
the last true challenges left out there.
This year 50s. I may never ride a 100. Without the challenge and risk out
failure I may not want to.
Rob and Annabelle
PS - The best book I ever read was "Ten Feet Tall, Still". There may never be
another Julie Suhr. I've never met one, male or female. There will never be
another if all the challenges she faced are all removed, watered down, and
protected by safety nets<<<<<